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Battlefield 1

A New Direction with BF1

Battlefield 1 and the use of Battlefield 1 hacks has taken gaming to a new turn, quite different from recent releases of the series. Recent releases have continued to copy what the competitors were doing. For instance, this was seen Bad Company 2; the game had fully embraced the progression and unlock system. The trend continued in Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. However, the designers of the game have decided that they need to find something that sets them apart from the competition.

What to Expect with Battlefield 1 Cheats

It is quite clear that DICE has put a lot of work into designing Battlefield 1. Firstly, it takes place in an entirely different time. The game is set in WW1. It is quite different from other recent games and competitors that have focused mainly on modern warfare. Additionally, this new game comes with a solid storyline; something that has been lacking in recent releases.
For instance, the game no longer follows the single protagonist story that has to define them. Thus, they do not have to struggle to try to milk a storyline dry because of how few the characters are. The new game tells the story of several men and women during the Great War. That has won the games many accolades from fans of the Battlefield games.
The storylines of the different characters are also quite varied. For instance, some characters are seeking redemption. Some of the characters are trying to survive while others are launching a guerilla movement. There are also some quippy heroics. It is quite refreshing since BF1 is a bit on the dark side.

BF1 is Not a Military Shooter Doctrine

There is very little shooting in Battlefield 1 as when compared to previous releases of the game. For instance, in the first chapter, it is more about stealth than shooting. However, this is according to how you choose to play. In Battlefield 1, you will also get to play as a tank driver. The game emphasises on how outnumbered you are during this phase. In the second story, you will be a fighter pilot. However, if you are shot down, you have to proceed through No Man’s Land. This space is full of machine gun fire and mortars.

The New BF1 hacks are Awesome

Save for a few issues; BF1 is quite impressive. It is among the most complete packages of the Battlefield series since 2010. It has exceeded the expectations of many fans.